EXPERIENCE a Slice of Paradise​

Be adventurous . Discover and experience the beauty of the Caribbean Sea inside the exclusive Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka´an in Tulum, and be hosted at our privileged Glamping Libelula Tulum boutique hotel.


An aunthentic 9 ocean front rooms crafted and designed with pure Mexican love and passion. Family-owned. Simply endearing.

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Our nine rooms offer a scenic setting that truly encapsulates the essence of the original old Tulum in a more glamorous way.  All proudly Mexican handmade, furnished and decorated to immerse yourself in the beauty of this Mayan destination.


Feel at home and enjoy your Winter Sun destination.​


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Be ready to savor our authentic Mexican food. Cooked and flavoured by either our handmade wood oven or our outdoor grill. The most authentic dishes are prepared with the freshest ingredients sourced locally and delivered on a daily basis, including our catch of the day, and sustainably produced vegetables and fruits.​

Meal Service Hours:

Early dinner: Depending on Season.

Check our Schedule!
December to April : Thursday to Sunday from 17:00pm to 20:00pm
All other seasons: Prefix menú, available only with 24hrs previous reservation. Last booking time 20:00hrs

For availability and confirmation send us an Instagram DM @libelulatulum


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Come and discover one of the most intimate private beach clubs surrounded by incomparable scenes of virgin dunes and flora through miles of tropical jungle. Dreamlike.​

From May to October Turtles are our special guests. We are part of the local Marine Turtle Protection Program, so we can share the knowledge on how to live this magical nature experience and protect their species.​

Bar Hours:

Beach Bar: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Sand Bar: 6pm to 10pm


Visitors not staying at the property are also welcome to join us at the beach club!

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Through our concierge​


Through our concierge​

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Libelula Box​

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Sit at our communal table for a shared experience or your preferred spot at our beach club. Our menu is specially designed by our dear friend Chef Alfredo Chavez.


Visitors not staying at the property are also welcome to delight it!


DM @libelulatulum to confirm availability

Celebrate your dream event with us in our stylish spaces throughout the property. Either on the beach or any of our open areas we can create the perfect setting for your special occasion.​

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